Logic and Reasoning Resources


This is a video I made which should help you understand how to set up truth-tables. It is also useful for you to learn the correct terminology (propositions, truth-values etc.) Watch it again and again!

This Youtube series on Critical Thinking is a useful introduction to logic and explains well what a valid argument is. It also treats some of the fallcies that we will be covering.

Here’s an exposition of some common fallacies. Thanks to Armand Scerri for this one.


A lovely little book which explains and gives examples (with cute pictures!) of the fallacies we need to learn. Please read it.


More about valid and invalid arguments, deduction and induction etc.

These tutorials from Hong Kong University contain explanations and exercises you can do, to check your understanding of what an argument is, how to recognize valid ones, sound ones, and about deduction and induction.

Finally, here are my (password protected)“Notes”


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