People (esp. 2.1), I hope you’re all going to tell me that you haven’t started your ethics revision (although even that is a bit worrying as it’s getting rather late in the day).

How hard is it to simply restate Graham’s (yes, its ‘Graham’ not ‘Gordon’; use second names to refer to authors) outline of egoism? Ok, perhaps you didn’t get all that discussion about intrinsic/ instrumental values, or the difference between psychological and rational egoism. But at least say something about Nietzsche! That way it’ll seem like you read the chapter at least.

If you are going to compare egoism with hedonism, explain in your introduction your motivation for doing so. Don’t just compare the two theories because that’s what your last essay was about! With a title like the one you had for the exam (simply, outline Graham’s discussion of egoism) you’re probably better off forgetting the comparison and just doing what the title says!

Honestly, much of what I’ve read so far is very poor and not likely to pass MATSEC. I suggest you get in touch with me for feedback next week, and practice writing outlines of all the theories. I’m happy to review any such work.

Good Luck